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While we welcome calls, emails, or grabbing coffee to chat through any interior design questions you have, you may find a few of these frequent questions and answers helpful.

  • How Do You Charge?
    Once we have met with you and learned more about your project, we create a custom proposal with the approximate cost for furnishings and any design fees that might apply.
  • Do You Work Outside of Cincinnati?
    Yes! Some of our favorite projects have been outside of Cincinnati and we particularly love working on a vacation home! (Additional travel fees would be spelled out in the custom proposal.)
  • How Much Does a Typical Living Room Cost?
    Of course, it depends on the on the size of the room, your style and goals for the space, but an average sized living room generally starts at $50,000. This includes the design as well as the selected furnishings, window coverings, lighting, etc. If there is any remodeling that needs to take place, additional design fees may apply.
  • How Do You Save Your Clients Money?
    We always try and spend your money as though it is our own! Our years of experience have given us a clear understanding of where to find the best quality for the best price and where to splurge on the WOW factor.
  • Where Do You Find Your Sources?
    We spend a lot of time sourcing the best of everything for our clients. Whether it is the most comfortable sofa, most durable rug, most gorgeous fabric or the most amazing chandelier, we travel, research and build relationships with a variety of vendors so that we have the absolute best resources for our clients. We also love to travel to hunt down or sometimes stumble across the unusual, one of a kind items that can make an entire room!
  • What Does Full Service Mean?
    Full service means that for each project, we carefully design, order, manage and install each detail.
  • Why Did You Change Your Name and Branding?
    We took the opportunity to fully bring our breadth of services, experiences, and passion to the forefront and tell the story of how our business has expanded. With Hope and additional teammates on board, we can serve clients better than ever before. Our fresh new image lets our enthusiasm for our work and what the future holds shine through.
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